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Aux Air Conditioners

About Us                                        

AUX Air conditioning, has become a leading brand in China’s air conditioning industry for 20 years.  AUX is a well recognized name in the field of professional refrigeration.  During this time of rapid development, the product quality continues to improve, resulting in high sales in China’s domestic market, and are also exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

AUXUSA. in Los Angeles in 2015 and became the General Agent of AUX Air Conditioning USA (AUXUSA) The company is based in California to service the North American market. At present time, there are more than 30 direct sales outlets online, as well as cooperative agents in Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Tennessee and other states that are affiliated with the company. 

AUXUSA. is equipped with a unified and standardized management system and an international management model.  The company’s management personnel and technicians, all accept the company’s standardized pre-sales and after-sales professional training.  In the course of five years of development, AUXUSA. has summed up a complete set of product marketing and service guarantee system, which provides users with a timely and high quality pre-sale, sale and after-sale service on the exclusive AUX line. In the 21st century, with “Green and Healthy” as the main goal of all nations, AUX is a major advocate of “Healthy Air Conditioning” and it is committed to bringing “Healthy Air Conditioning” to every corner of the world. 

AUXUSCommitted to bringing a better experience in Healthy Air Conditioning to America

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